PAC Protocol News
PAC Protocol is clearing all bans from the Discord server and empowering the community to moderate!
PAC Protocol is streamlining its business operations, focusing on transparent communications, abandoning the ban hammer, and engaging the community to improve our products, our outreach, and everyone's PAC experience.
PAC Protocol is delisting from Bitmart Exchange.
$PAC has been listed on Bitmart since September 2021; this allowed Bitmart users to access and trade $PAC on their platform.
PAC Protocol Releases Proposal On Its Network For A Major Network Upgrade!
For the last few years, PAC Global Holdings LLC has made it a goal to provide as many use cases to the PAC Protocol network as possible. We take pride in our work and our ability to release an update which, we believe is tremendously advantageous for all current and new PAC Protocol users.
Community action needed for PAC Protocol Mainnet Update Phase 1!
The new update of the PAC Protocol Mainnet is complete (06/29/2022)!
What’s New & FAQ
12/20/2021, 04:27 PM
PAC Protocol values its community and the feedback you provide. We are freshly recommitted to investing in our forward communications in a transparent and clear manner: When the PAC community asks us questions, either directly or through social channels, we are here to provide answers.
Official Statement from PAC Global LLC
Mr Gokhshtein no longer represents PAC Global, PAC Protocol, or any of its subsidiaries or products in any capacity. Any statements made regarding PAC by Mr. Gokhshtein are attributable only to himself. PAC will announce an interim CEO shortly.
How yanDNA™ Stores Your Data
10/27/2021, 03:57 PM
yanDNA™ (Decentralized Node Assembly) is a decentralized storage product that incorporates IPFS technology and will be available both to consumer and enterprise users when the full version product is released. yanDNA stores your data and this is how.
PAC Protocol Announces yanSAFE™ Version 2.1.0
Cheyenne, Wyoming (October 16, 2021) -- PAC Protocol, the world’s largest distributed data network, is pleased to announce new key features and updates to its yanSAFE™ product line. yanSAFE is a free desktop wallet application to manage $PAC coins that allows users to easily create and maintain Masternodes on the blockchain network. The enthusiasm following yanSAFE’s February 2021 release has served to broaden and strengthen the PAC Protocol network ecosystem with continued Masternode growth.
PAC Protocol Announces the Sponsorship of Texas Sandfest 2021
Cheyenne, Wyoming (October 15, 2021) - - PAC Protocol is pleased to announce that in addition to using blockchain technology to provide the largest and most secure decentralized data storage network, PAC Protocol is now a proud sponsor of Texas SandFest 2021. Texas SandFest is the largest native sand sculpture event and competition in the US, with renowned sand sculptors and plenty of fun.
PAC Protocol Announces the Official Release of yanDNA™- Beta Version
PAC Protocol, the largest data blockchain network focused on decentralized storage, is pleased to announce the official release of its yanDNA™ product – beta version
PAC Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with Flare Finance: $PAC Added as yAsset
PAC Protocol is excited to announce its native digital asset, $PAC coin, has been chosen by Flare Finance to be among the very short list of Cryptocurrency or Digital Assets on their Network.
Mandatory Action for PAC Protocol Update v0.17.0.4
PAC Protocol is releasing a full network upgrade with version It is CRITICAL that ALL USERS update their applications AND Masternodes for continued network support.
PAC Protocol Releases Mid 2021 Litepaper
Thank you to our community for waiting for this highly anticipated Litepaper from PAC Protocol.
PAC Protocol Roadmap
05/22/2021, 10:00 PM
PAC Protocol is proud to share a brief history and a look into the future with our updated roadmap.
PAC Global Announces a Strategic Partnership with Flare Networks
PAC Global, the largest data blockchain network in the world that utilizes energy-efficient master nodes, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Flare Networks.
PAC Global Announces the Official Release of PACSafe™
PAC Global, the largest data blockchain network in the world that utilizes energy-efficient master nodes, is pleased to announce the official release of its PACSafe™ product.
PAC Global Announces A Strategic Partnership with Binance Charity
PAC Global, the 2nd largest blockchain network in the world that utilizes energy-efficient master nodes, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Binance Charity.
PAC Global Announces Key Management Promotions - David Gokhshtein as CEO, Drew Saunders Chairman of the Board
PAC Global, the 2nd largest blockchain network in the world that utilizes energy-efficient master nodes, is pleased to announce it has promoted David Gokhshtein to be its new CEO. Drew Saunders has moved up to the role of Chairman of the Board and will continue to oversee product development. Together they will work closely on both existing and future strategic partnerships, the launch of its decentralized storage product, and the ongoing execution of the PAC business model going forward.
2020 Highlights
01/04/2021, 04:00 AM
What a year! 2020 came to a close, and a new year seamlessly followed. Everyone around the world had one obstacle or another to face during the hectic 2020 year, and PAC Global Holdings LLC was not immune to this struggle. Some of our development, marketing, and overall objectives had to be altered, delayed, or achieved in different ways then we originally anticipated.
AMA with Tim Betts from Summit Blockchain!
You will have a chance to ask Tim Betts questions! We will be on Discord for the first 15 minutes in our general chatroom and then on Telegram for 15 minutes!
Unparalleled Medical Data Security with the R-DEE Network by Radiologex Captures the Attention of the Medical Industry
“With Radiologex, files can be securely downloaded protecting confidential information.”The R-DEE Network combines thousands of distributed nodes across the globe.Irvine, CA, USA – Radiologex’s R-DEE...
PAC Global Announces Strategic Partnership with DigiByte Foundation
PAC Global provides their massive masternode network to support the ever growing DigiAssets platform.
PAC Global Announces Strategic Partnership with TRON to Revolutionize Decentralized Storage
Cheyenne, Wyoming (November 25, 2020) - - PAC Global, LLC is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with TRON along with their BitTorrent subsidiary.
PACSafe Brings the Power of Masternodes to Blockchain Networks
Cheyenne, WY – Payment and blockchain network innovators PAC Global announce the launch of PACSafe, a free desktop application that deploys and monitors digital currency masternodes quickly, easily, and economically. The free application is scheduled for release on December 15th, 2020 from
PAC Global Releases a New Update for Its Popular PACapp - version 1.1.0
PAC Global is pleased to announce a new update to its popular PACapp product. Released in 2020, PACapp makes it simple to send and receive digital currency without a long, cumbersome wallet address. The end user establishes their wallet address by way of a dollar sign ($) followed by a personalized user name of their choosing. No more traditional wallets to cut and paste which can lead to errors.