PAC Protocol Announces yanSAFE™ Version 2.1.0

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Cheyenne, Wyoming (October 16, 2021) -- PAC Protocol, the world’s largest distributed data network, is pleased to announce new key features and updates to its yanSAFE™ product line. yanSAFE is a free desktop wallet application to manage $PAC coins that allows users to easily create and maintain Masternodes on the blockchain network. The enthusiasm following yanSAFE’s February 2021 release has served to broaden and strengthen the PAC Protocol network ecosystem with continued Masternode growth.

Key yanSAFE v.2.1.0 features and updates include:

  • Time Required to Deploy a New Masternode is Significantly Decreased – creating a new Masternode no longer uses bootstrap; in addition to other advantages, this greatly increases the speed to create Masternodes

  • “Upgrade All Masternodes” Feature – users can now upgrade all Masternodes at once; this option will appear when at least one Masternode is outdated – if already updated, the correct version will be displayed

  • Hetzner Cloud API Implementation – seamless cloud implementation added, yanSAFE selects server CPX11 with a fallback to CX21 by default

  • Additional Vultr Support and New Pricing – Vultr API now supports multiple locations; new pricing is $6.00 or $10.00 per month due to an increased blockchain size, pricing varies by selected location

  • Randomized Location Deployment – a random server location is automatically chosen for geographic diversity when deploying your virtual private server (VPS) via Vultr API or Hetzner Cloud API, but can be set manually by the user

  • POSE Penalty Alert – any POSE score above zero indicates a problem, which will be scored and reported, causing a warning icon to alert the user to take action; scores above the total number of Masternodes on the network trigger banning

  • Warning Displayed on Encryption – when users select to encrypt wallets, an added pop-up window alerts that the action is local and cannot be reset or removed if forgotten

  • Verbose Debug System Added – this feature makes troubleshooting yanSAFE easier, allowing users to open a debug log and inspect activity

“PAC is committed to excellence. We deliver exceptional products because we never settle and never stop pursuing growth and innovation,” Drew Saunders, Chairman of PAC Global Holdings LLC explained. “PAC’s tireless focus on updates, features, and development over the life of its products is with the satisfaction of its product users in mind. Nothing is more important that providing quality products that improve end-users’ experience. This could not have been accomplished without the vision, passion, and hard work of Yan Hülsebusch and our entire development team.”

David Gokhshtein, CEO of PAC Global, added: “Since its release earlier this year, yanSAFE has consistently gained attention and users. This latest version adds additional features to improve this already great product, and the entire PAC team is excited for our community, partners, and new users interested in creating their own Masternodes for $PAC rewards to experience the outstanding performance of yanSAFE with these new key features.”

About PAC Protocol
PAC Protocol is focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions to solve real world problems. Built on the foundation of a first-of-its-kind blockchain technology utilizing both proof-of-stake (POSv3, economically friendly) and deterministic Masternodes, PAC Protocol provides veritable solutions for the real world.

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