PAC Protocol Network Coin Comparison Chart/Environmental Impact

Bitcoin or BTC is the most known iteration of blockchain technology, as well as being the oldest running immutable ledger. With nearly 10 years of data at its foundation, Bitcoin retains its status as the most well known, as well as most valued Digital Asset. PAC Protocol is not built to compete with Bitcoin. BTC is quite simply, a store of value, and due to its length of record, may likely maintain its strong position, while PAC Protocol is a store of value but also a true P2P payment settlement network and data transmission Blockchain that can serve industry and enterprise needs amongst a wide array of sectors such as fintech, web, digital marketing, social media, gaming, content creation, IP, medical and much more.

The specs below make a clear case as to why PAC Protocol has been built, tuned, and is constantly updated for true P2P and business level transactional capacity for both today and tomorrow, as well as being much more ecologically friendly and sustainable over time. The PAC Protocol network runs on a pure proof-of-stake technology stack, whereas Bitcoin and similar “first-gen” networks run on proof-of-work, or in other words, dedicated and power-hungry computers constantly attempting to solve complex computer “puzzles”.

According to some studies, Bitcoin’s Proof of Work system will be using up as much energy as all of Denmark by 2020.

By moving completely away from “mining” and the reliance on giant mining rigs operated by centralized companies at an industrial scale, PAC Protocol’s pure proof-of-stake network allows for drastically reduced expending of energy and strain on the environment, so much so, that the popular Smart Contract focused network called Ethereum (ETH), has a planned upgrade of the technology to proof-of-stake.
Bitcoin Litecoin PAC Protocol
Algorithm SHA-256 Scrypt PoSv3
Max Supply 21 Million 84 Million 50 Billion
Block Movement POW POW POS
Masternodes No No deterministic
Instant Send No No Instant
ChainLocks No No Yes
Block Reward 6.25 BTC 6.25 LTC None
Coin Stake No No 250 PAC
Masternode Reward No No 8,280 PAC
POS Reward No No 100 PAC
DAO Budget No No 10,019 PAC
Charity No No Yes
Governance No No Community
Difficulty Adjustment Every 2016 Blocks Every 2016 Blocks Every Block
Confirmations Every 2016 Blocks Every 2016 Blocks Every Block
Min TX fee 0.0001 BTC 0.001 LTC 0.1 PAC
Max Block Size 1 MB 740 kB 2 MB