Official Statement from PAC Global LLC

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As was self-announced by former PAC CEO David Gokhshtein, effective immediately, Mr Gokhshtein no longer represents PAC Global, PAC Protocol, or any of its subsidiaries or products in any capacity. Any statements made regarding PAC by Mr. Gokhshtein are attributable only to himself. PAC will announce an interim CEO shortly.

We look forward to continuing to grow PAC Protocol, and are dedicated to doing so with clear communications. This includes answering to questions within the community. Our team is reviewing all tweets and concerns brought to the table this week, and are committed to providing answers to conflict-laden questions.

Our team remains grateful for the community support, and patience as we pivot into a new management direction.

First published at 12/16/2021, 12:15 AM
Last updated on 12/16/2021, 12:15 AM