Community action needed for PAC Protocol Mainnet Update Phase 1!

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The new update of the PAC Protocol Mainnet is complete (07/02/2022)!

The highly anticipated Mainnet update on PAC Protocol is ready for a two phase roll-out. It fixes two main problems, it fixes the Masternode POSE score issue in Phase 1 and then provides the long awaited token layer. We need the community's action to get network consensus. The faster we gain network consensus on Phase 1, the faster we can roll-out Phase 2, as one needs to be completed before the other. The phase 1 release is version v0.17.0.5, this version introduces new quorum sizes and a new fee structure. You can help by implementing v0.17.0.5 right away! Once we reach community consensus, we can release Phase 2, the version that introduces the token layer.

We have set out multiple checkpoints to determine whether consensus on the network has been reached - if our community is fast, this roll out will be fast! We will let the community know on those days to let know if consensus is reached, and if so, Phase 2 will be released:

Checkpoint dates:

  • July 5th, 2022

  • July 10th, 2022

  • July 15th 2022

  • July 20th 2022

  • July 25th 2022

Updating from 17.0.4 to 17.0.5

How to update your yanSAFE

  • Restart your wallet

  • You will be prompted to update the PAC Protocol daemon

  • Click on “update now”


Q: My wallet gets stuck on “Stopping pacprotocol core” what do i do?

A: If you see “Stopping pacprotocol core” for more than 15 minutes.

  • Force close the wallet

  • Make sure you have a backup of wallet.dat and daemon version

  • Navigate to and download the latest version

  • Install version

Q: My wallet is “stuck” and does not synchronize.

A: Go to settings > wallet maintenance > install bootstrap

Q: What happens if I don’t run the auto-update or manually update my Masternodes?

A: Your masternode will not be on the latest version. But if your Masternode is running 17.0.4 correctly it will not have consequenses.

How do I update my core wallet?

  • Download new files from for your operating system

  • Extract the file using WinRAR/7-ZIP

  • In this folder you will see “pacprotocol-qt”

  • This is the new file you start the wallet with


Q: My wallet is “stuck” and does not synchronize.

A: Go to tools > wallet repair > rebuild index


A: Install bootstrap manually like shown here

Update masternode using yanSAFE

  • Go to settings and make sure you are on 2.1.4 yanSAFE and core v0.17.0.5

  • Navigate to the masternode tab

  • Each masternode will need to be updated. IF the node does not have a yellow triangle but is setup using PACSafe/yanSAFE follow this video:

  • Select the masternode by clicking on the IP of the masternode

  • Go to “edit masternode”

  • select “upgrade masternode”


Q: My masternode shows IMPORTED at edit masternode and i have NOT setup my masternode using PACSafe/yanSAFE. How do I update?
A: You need to update manually see: “ Update masternode manually”

Q: My masternode shows IMPORTED at edit masternode and I have setup my masternode using yanSAFE/PACSafe. How do I update?
A: Follow the steps in this youtube video to do SSH recovery:

Q: I have setup my nodes in VULTR but I did use the manual setup script to install the node. Can I upgrade using yanSAFE?

A: You will need to update manually and cannot use yanSAFE for the upgrade

Q: When doing the upgrade the proces is stuck on "Stopping pac.service"
A: Go to your server provider and select the server that you are trying to upgrade. Here you select:"Restart server". Now wait 2 minutes and cancel the upgrade in yanSAFE and start it again

Update Masternode when using core

  • Login to your VPS (server hosting the masternode) you can see how to connect in this video:

  • Run this command: Run this command:

    wget -N && chmod +x && ./ pacprotocol-v0.17.0.5-lin64


Q: Where do I find the login information for my server?

A: Go to your hosting provider and here you can select the server and see the password.

Q: I have setup my nodes in VULTR but i did use the manual setup script to install the node

A: You will need to update manually and cannot use yanSAFE for the upgrade

How to Update My Masternode(s) Using yanSAFE

These steps will only work if you set up the Masternode with yanSAFE or PACSafe.

Before you begin, please be sure to update your wallet to the latest version of yanSAFE using the steps above.

Step 1: Open yanSAFE and let it completely synchronize.

Step 2: Navigate to the Masternode tab

Step 3: Select the Masternode you want to update to the new version

Step 4: Click on “Edit Masternode” in the bottom right corner

Step 5:  Click on “Upgrade Masternode” - this will connect to the server and update the Masternode to the new software

Step 6: Once this update is completed, click on the arrow to the left of the Masternode to view details: if the upgrade is successful, you will see that the “Build” reflects v0.17.0.5

Repeat steps 3-6 above for ALL of your Masternodes. They will each need to be updated to v0.17.0.5.

How to Update My Masternode(s) Manually to 17.0.5

These steps will only work if you set up Masternodes using the Masternode installation script.

  • Connect with your server through Putty or Bitvise. (More info under “Connecting your VPS”

  • Run the command: 

wget -N && chmod +x && ./ pacprotocol-v0.17.0.5-lin64
What is the PAC Protocol Network?
PAC Protocol is a decentralised network supported by servers that are called “Masternodes”. At the time of writing, we have over 19,000 active Masternodes supported by owners across the globe. With this update, we are not only helping to elevate the security and operability of the network, but also increasing the size and scalability.  
First published at 07/02/2022, 02:33 PM
Last updated on 07/10/2022, 06:11 PM