Unparalleled Medical Data Security with the R-DEE Network by Radiologex Captures the Attention of the Medical Industry

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Irvine, CA, USA – Radiologex’s R-DEE Network is the only distributed cloud-based software solution designed exclusively for the global healthcare sector. The software combines thousands of nodes positioned worldwide, which ensures that the network stays intact, even if certain nodes fail.

R-DEE’s advanced dual-end cryptographic encryptions allow the IPFS nodes to securely download (or stream) files. The network is handled by thousands of servers simultaneously — not just one server, as with HTTP — providing the R-DEE Network enhanced redundancy that features unprecedented data security. The software is lauded for its:

• Tremendous Efficiency

• Unmatched Security

• Reasonable Pricing

• Rapid Scalability

R-DEE also boasts next-level reliability because it automatically breaks up larger files into smaller segments. Mission-critical data is always secure and available by utilizing nodes globally-positioned in multiple locations.

The network provides real-time network visualization and automated disaster recovery, which your current cloud storage — even AWS — can not deliver.

The Only IFPS/Distributed Network Built for the Global Healthcare Sector

R-DEE’s next-gen distributed cloud computing protocol is ideal for distributed networking. It includes the R-DEE productivity suite and immutable, loss-free, and medical data storage impervious to hacking for all sizes of healthcare providers.

Research from industry analyst firms has found that over 90% of healthcare data should be stringently protected — yet 55-60% is only “somewhat protected,” and 40-45% is “inadequately protected.”

This lack of effective security dramatically raises the liability levels for any healthcare organization. In addition to the internal IT and business headaches, the consequences of a data breach and/or loss can include enormous financial penalties. Legal costs and ongoing negative publicity even further negatively impact the bottom-line. The regulatory penalties alone from the two most recognizable U.S. healthcare regulations, HIPAA and HITECH, include huge fines for privacy violations. The maximum penalty per identical HITECH violation per calendar year is now $1.5 million.

Blockchain-based solutions like the R-DEE Network are here to increase the level of protection for healthcare data dramatically. The network utilizes a secondary hybrid cloud layer, which establishes unlimited capacity for storage and backups. This added layer of redundancy makes R-DEE the safest, most secure, and stable platform ever created for the healthcare sector.

“Information Technology products and services are on pace to exceed $2.7 trillion dollars in 2020, with healthcare being at the vanguard of this surge,” said Co-Founder George Tyler. “There is an old axiom that ‘happiness never decreases by being shared,’ and that rings true with the architecture of our network — the network stores data on over 3000 global nodes. The number of nodes is growing rapidly. By focusing on the healthcare sector’s enterprise aspects, we have created a true backbone to connect the global healthcare space.

“We provide an immutable, borderless, and frictionless solution for healthcare storage. The R-DEE Network elevates fundamental tasks such as productivity management, data streaming, collaboration, and file storage to the next level. We have added ‘horsepower’ to data storage and drastically reduced costs. Most consequentially, the R-DEE Network profoundly helps reduce the time required to perform these tasks, which ultimately leads to higher quality healthcare.”

R-DEE by Radiologex is a fully running platform and active network with existing clients and users, including clinicians, health systems, and more. Join R-DEE now for free at www.radiologex.com as well as on the Apple and Google app stores.

Built-in Partnership with the PAC GLOBAL Blockchain Network

The R-DEE Distributed Network is built in partnership with—and utilizes—the PAC Global blockchain network. (www.pacglobal.io)

PAC Global is one of the original legacy blockchain networks since 2013 and has since expanded to become one of the top 3 largest, proof-of-stake, masternode networks in the world. It was designed to solve real-world problems like those facing the global healthcare industry, utilizing a distributed shared network, making PAC Global a solid match for the R-DEE Network from Radiologex.

About Radiologex

Radiologex is a health and medical IT company based in Irvine, California. The organization employs a diverse, global team of professionals with extensive medical, IT, blockchain, and finance expertise.

R-DEE is an integrated healthcare ecosystem that exists on a single platform, available across different devices worldwide. It is designed to eliminate the redundant and costly processes required to maintain multiple accounts on different platforms. The technology is certified by the ONC of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Visit https://radiologex.com for more information.

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