PAC Protocol is clearing all bans from the Discord server and empowering the community to moderate!

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PAC Protocol is streamlining its business operations, focusing on transparent communications, abandoning the ban hammer, and engaging the community to improve our products, our outreach, and everyone's PAC experience.

Unbanning users
As one of the first changes, we are abandoning the ban hammer from the public Discord. All previously banned members will be unbanned and welcomed back into the Discord server. Discord will be returned to a place of open dialogue with and moderated by the community.

Community Moderation
Community moderation will be accomplished by deploying a bot that monitors community reactions to messages on Discord. Using designated reactions the community can remove messages, timeout users (24 hours), kick the user, or ban the user (14 days).

The following reactions will be enabled on launch of the bot: (Amount of reactions needed is subject to change)


Rules updated
With these changes the rules moderated by our official moderators need change. The rules are there to protect the users from scammers and will provide guidelines for a respectful conversation. The new rules can be viewed in the #rules channel.

Discord Rules

  1. Be kind to one another
    1.1 Keep conversations respectful
    1.2 Personal attack by an individual or group against a member of the server is not allowed.
    1.3 Bullying a member of the server is not allowed.
    1.4 Offensive language used towards any group or individual will not be tolerated.
    1.5 Racism, sexism, political extremism and other discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

  2. Scam content
    2.1 Any content sent in chat or through DM to users of this Discord that is meant to be scam or harmfull will result in a ban.

  3. Forbidden content
    3.1 It is not permitted to share pornographic or highly suggestive material, graphic violence, any other NSFW as well as illegal content via link, image, text or emote in any channel, even in spoilers. Be sensible of minors in the server and refer to discord's own ToS when in doubt.

  4. Spam
    4.1 Spamming, or excessive messaging of the same thing, be that an image, text, link, ad, or paid promotion is not allowed.
    4.2 Spam tagging a person, roles or groups, is not allowed.

  5. Everything has its place
    5.1 Please use specific chat channels correctly and keep chat in these channels to the topic.

  6. One language for everyone
    6.1 To try and facilitate effective communication, all main text channels are to stay in English
    6.2 Different languages can be spoken in the individual respective country or language chats.

All bans will be cleared by tuesday 8th of November

First published at 11/03/2022, 08:14 PM
Last updated on 11/03/2022, 08:21 PM