PAC Global Announces the Official Release of PACSafe™

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Cheyenne, Wyoming (February 5, 2021) - - PAC Global, the largest data blockchain network in the world that utilizes energy-efficient master nodes, is pleased to announce the official release of its PACSafe™ product. PACSafe™ is a powerful node and wallet desktop application to hold digital assets and automatically run and monitor master nodes. A key feature is its unique implementation of accelerated master node deployment capabilities vs. traditional setup platforms. This allows a non-technical user to create and operate their own nodes in just a few clicks, including the ability to communicate and deploy directly through 3rd party VPN service APIs. Featuring a drastically improved UI/UX experience, our latest release is FREE to download and use.

Additional product features and specs include:

  • Filter transactions easily – sort by All, Received, or Sent

  • Alternative currency literate – display PAC value in USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, or other currencies

  • Unlock timer – unlock your wallet for a set time span with time tracking

  • Auto update – always get the latest improvements and security fixes

  • Master node auto setup – set up nodes directly without deploying terminals

  • Simplified master node reboots and reinstalls – one-click node repairs

  • UI themes – switch between light and dark themes

  • Other additional product features

One of the major advantages of masternode protocols over other alternatives is that nodes put investors in control by hosting entire distributed ledgers. PACSafe™ has taken this aspect of control a step further by providing a full suite of tools that substantially enhance one’s ability to manage the hosting process. PACSafe™ provides a comprehensive overview of inputs and addresses while each transaction is fully documented. This detailed information is available whenever users enter a receive address. Best of all, the PACSafe™ wallet itself refreshes automatically with no need for manual restarts.

Users of all types deserve an interface that offers the power and flexibility to manage their digital assets in a manner that is easy, straightforward, and highly efficient. PACSafe™ achieves this by providing users with all pertinent information in real time, while providing robust transaction filters, a handy unlock timer, and the ability to display digital currency balances in any currency of choice.

It’s a truly ground-breaking approach to masternode management. So why, after spending so much time and effort developing PACSafe™, is PAC Global making it freely available to everyone?

“It’s another way for us to support the digital asset space in general,” stated Drew Saunders, Chairman of PAC Global. “We prefer to take a long-term view of the market and we absolutely believe that if we support investors in building stable, responsive arenas for trading digital currencies then all benefit.”

David Gokhshtein, CEO of PAC Global, added: “I would like to commend Drew and the extraordinary PAC development team for introducing such a unique and trail-blazing product. We have heard from our community in the past on how PAC master node ownership and operation can be made easier. We heard everyone loud and clear and PACSafe™ is just that product – master nodes for the non-technical masses!”

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PAC Global (PAC), based in the US, is focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions to solve real world problems. It is currently the largest truly decentralized data master node network in the world with over 12,000 active nodes located in approximately 30 countries. Our network is based on the energy efficient Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm which greatly reduces our overall carbon footprint. PAC Global has announced its IPFS-based decentralized storage product - Yan DNA.
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