PAC Global Secures New Major Exchange Listings and Names Counsel for Token Review and Audits

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Cheyenne, WY - - - PAC Global Network (“PAC” or the “Company”) is fast making a name for itself as a payment network innovator in the blockchain and crypto communities. Just this week,, its reputation kicked up another few notches with new listings on two large cryptocurrency exchanges, and the hiring of general counsel focused on conducting token review and code audit.

Founded in 2019, PAC Global is an established business entity in the U.S. that was created by entrepreneurs Drew Saunders, CEO; George Tyler, Chief Operating Officer; Tim Betts, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Financial Officer John Keeyo. Our team has extensive expertise spanning a host of different industries, including business and finance, software and blockchain development, and regulatory and compliance. PAC Global manages the innovation and growth associated with the PAC Global decentralized ledger network, which has been successfully operating since 2017.

The Company boasts one of the world’s largest masternode blockchain networks distinguished by its speed, robust features, privacy, and fraud safeguards. Its wallets allow for payments both anytime and anywhere. In addition, PAC offers masternode services and support, source code through GitHub, and a block explorer to provide up-to-date summary transaction stats, network stats, block updates and tools.

PAC Global’s new exchange listings include WhiteBIT and ProBit. The WhiteBIT community includes more than two million customers located in Europe. PAC is now featured on this exchange with access to this growing user base. Ranked #41 on the CMC Markets' Major Crypto Index, WhiteBIT is a European centralized exchange that offers crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions with 0.1 percent trading fees. ProBit has more than 270,000 customers throughout Korea, which is a very important market for digital currencies – the bulk of investment capital for new and existing digital currency offerings comes from Asia and Korea in particular. ProBit’s cryptocurrency trading and coin-tocoin exchange platform has been noted by many in the industry as being among the best.

In addition to new listings on high volume exchanges, PAC Global is reinforcing its commitment to quality assurance and regulatory compliance with the addition of Krowne Law PLLC as its general counsel. The firm will perform token reviews and code audits to reassure clients that their investments are indeed secure and compliant.

PAC Global’s continued evolution comes as no surprise to those in the industry who have been watching this up-and-coming blockchain network company. Last year, the organization changed from proof-of- work to 100% proof-of-stake. Drew Saunders stated that

“this means it is moving the blocks on the blockchain network in a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient way compared to high energy mining.”

He further commented that

“PAC Global will continue to push the boundaries of blockchain and put in place the safeguards that let customers know they are doing business with a reputable organization that is looking out for their best interests.”

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First published at 01/28/2020, 02:00 PM
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