PAC Global Offers Early Access to its PACapp® that Eliminates Lengthy Wallet Addresses and Takes Security and Digital Asset Transmission to New Heights

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PAC Global Continues its Ascent as a Payment Network Leader in Blockchain and Crypto Communities

Cheyenne, WY — - What if there was a way to eliminate the lengthy and error-prone wallet addresses needed to send and receive digital assets? Also, what if it was free? Now, thanks to the payment network innovators at PAC Global, there’s an app for that. Dubbed PACapp®, the user-friendly, feature-rich, graphically appealing tool gives users a simple Tag ID for instant peer-to-peer transactions.

Early sign-up for the PACApp started February 15 and runs through March 14. The app is scheduled for worldwide release on March 15. Early sign-up is available at [email protected] found only at

PACapp is PAC Global coin-ready and lets users securely and quickly transfer digital currencies using $PACTAG. It’s the industry’s first and only way to send and receive digital assets and currencies using an immutable user ID. It is available exclusively through the PAC Global Blockchain Network which is one of the world’s largest, fastest, and most secure proof-of-stake decentralized networks in existence today.

PAC Global is an established business entity located in the U.S. Its wallets allow payments from anywhere at any time. PAC Global offers masternode services and support, source code through GitHub, and a block explorer to provide up-to-date summary transaction stats, network stats, and block updates.

Management feels that several of the key reasons why PACapp is an industry leader include:

  • It eliminates the reliance on complex wallet addresses that introduce security risks due to the minimal margin for error

  • It allows users to easily find each other’s $PACTAGs — a feature that can also be disabled

  • It allows users to receive payments and pay peers in seconds via the app’s contact list

  • PACapp is QR Code enabled

  • It has advanced fraud prevention and privacy safeguards

  • PACapp includes additional features such as Activity Tracker for real-time review of requests and payment history, a $PACTAGS favorites storage platform, and a Market price and metrics ticker

About PAC Global LLC
PAC Global, based in the US, is focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions. It is currently the second largest truly decentralized master node network in the world (source: with over 7,100 active nodes located worldwide. Initial applications include merchant processing and charity although the Company plans to offer its network to third parties for Supply Chain/Inventory Management, Intellectual Property (IP) Storage and Distribution, and other leading use cases. The Company was founded by entrepreneurs Drew Saunders — CEO, George Tyler — Chief Operating Officer, Tim M. Betts — Chief Strategy Officer, and John Keeyo — Chief Financial Officer. Its team has extensive expertise in business and finance, software and blockchain development, and regulatory and compliance. Last month the company announced new listings on two large cryptocurrency exchanges and the hiring of general counsel focused on conducting token reviews and code audits.

For more information about PAC Global, please visit @PACcoinOfficial or

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First published at 02/17/2020, 08:00 PM
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