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CHEYENNE, Wyoming – PAC Global, LLC, an emerging blockchain network provider, is pleased to announce Alyze Sam as a PAC Global advisor. Alzye or better known as just Sam self describes herself on her LinkedIn Page as, “I’m just here to serve,” and “Smiling & making positive changes.”

Drew Saunders, CEO of PAC says,

“We are happy to add Sam to our growing team of talented and smart individuals. We look forward to seeing how she advances our team and grows with us in this industry.”

Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, and vehemently driven advocate. After dedicating her life to her patients in hospice nursing, Sam branched out to financial technology after facing incredible odds with vigor and passion. Titled a “survivor”, Sam’s life goals include serving her community and assisting other ‘underdogs’ in achieving their dreams

Sam is the Chief Executive Assistant for GIVE Nation, a non-profit children’s financial literacy AI/blockchain project which rewards altruistic behaviors. She’s a Founder and Community Manager for Women in Blockchain International and sits as an “Social Impact Advisor” for blockchain nonprofits; and Women in Blockchain Foundation.

Sam is a stakeholder and former Community Director at The World Ethical Data Forum. Sam works closely with Illumnine Corp and Illumnine Society, concentrating on media intelligence and blockchain events. In her free time, Sam writes for 15+ Tech Magazines, while humbly sitting at the top 1% of the Blockchain industry as a successful tech event planner and influencer. She’s been a proud member of the Alliance of Blockchain Professionals since 2018. Sam wrote the first book on Stablecoins and released an updated and unbiased publication titled, “Complete 2020 Guide to Stablecoins”, released January 2020.

Please take a moment to view a further snapshot of her work at this link below and join with us as welcome her as a PAC Global advisor:

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