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CHEYENNE, Wyoming (November 17, 2019) – PAC Global, LLC, an emerging blockchain network provider, is pleased to announce an upcoming Network Optimization Update.

The benefits of our latest network update expected to launch the week of November 18th include:

  1. Deterministic Masternodes (MN) Active/Inactive rules are fully enabled to ensure a quality network - an industry first using the PoS algorithm.

  2. Adjusting the difficulty retargeting algorithm to further optimize block speed averages.

  3. Masternode voting within desktop wallets is an added feature while fixing known bugs.

  4. Unlock wallet for staking ONLY box added for extra security.

This latest update also retires 1 billion+ PAC Global coins. Although the total number of coins outstanding remains the same, these coins are not in circulation, cannot be sent or received, sold, or used as masternode collateral.

Software updates occur with the main objective of continuously optimizing and improving the PAC Global Network while adding next-generation features

Drew Saunders, the CEO of PAC Global, stated:

"Our goal since inception has always been to grow, innovate, and exceed expectations for one of the largest PoS networks in existence today. We recognize the true value of a global blockchain network, which successfully brings real world solutions to solve real world problems. We continue to find new and interesting ways to optimize our massive network, and recognize the need for an Employee Incentive Program to further recruit top talent.”

About PAC Global, LLC
PAC Global, LLC is based in Wyoming and focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions. It is currently the third largest truly decentralized master node network in the world according to with over 5,600 active nodes located worldwide. Initial applications include merchant processing and charity although the Company plans to offer its network to third parties for Supply Chain/Inventory Management, Intellectual Property (IP) Storage and Distribution, and other leading use cases. If you are interested in partnering with us or want more information visit us on Twitter at @PACcoinOfficial or our website at
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First published at 11/17/2019, 07:00 PM
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